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Water Crisis & Drought

Forum on Ventura County’s Water Crisis and CA Drought

Thursday, September 8, 2022

California's current drought conditions underscore the need to responsibly manage our water supply. As conditions worsen, it is critical that we work together to implement effective water conservation practices and establish long-term water sustainability solutions.

On September 8, 2022, I hosted a Forum on Ventura County's Water Crisis and CA Drought in partnership with Senator Monique Limón, the County of Ventura, and local water experts. The event presented information on the threats of the extreme drought conditions our state is facing and the impacts it will have in our communities. We discussed state and local agencies' response to build water resiliency and the steps you can take to conserve water.


Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources
CA Department of Water Resources:
California Drought Action:
PowerPoint: CA Dept. of Water Resources

Jeff Pratt, Director, Ventura County Public Works Agency
Ventura County Public Works Agency-Water and Sanitation:
PowerPoint: VC Water Crisis Drought Presentation and VC Water Conservation Presentation

Kim Loeb, Groundwater Manager, Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency
Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency:
PowerPoint: Water Forum Fox Canyon GMA

Gina Dorrington, General Manager, Ventura Water
Ventura Water:
PowerPoint: Ventura Water Round 1 and Ventura Water Round 2

Omar Castro, Water Division Manager, Public Works Department, Water Division
Oxnard Water Division:
PowerPoint: Oxnard Water

Michael Flood, General Manager, Casitas Municipal Water District
Casitas Municipal Water District:
PowerPoint: Casitas MWD Water Forum Presentation-Part 1 and Casitas MWD Water Forum Presentation-Part 2

Anthony Goff, General Manager, Calleguas Municipal Water District
Calleguas Municipal Water District:
PowerPoint: VC Forum on Water Crisis-Calleguas Part 1 and VC Forum on Water Crisis-Calleguas Part 2

Jacquelyn McMillan, Pr Governmental Affairs and Regional Representative, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California:
PowerPoint: 2022 Sep Resiliency DCP for Ventura County Panel

Mauricio Guardado, General Manager, United Water Conservation District
United Water Conservation District:
PowerPoint: UECD Part 1 and UWCD Part 2