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2021 Legislation

AB 674 SNAP Foster Youth - Increases former foster youth participation in Calfresh by requiring counties to provide information regarding CalFresh eligibility to young adults exiting the foster youth system. (Signed by the Governor)

AB 716 Court Media Access - Modernizes access to open court proceedings by requiring courts to provide remote access to the public. (Signed by the Governor)

AB 824 Student School Board Members - Allows students to petition to add a Student Board Member to County Boards of Education and charter school governing boards. (Signed by the Governor)

AB 861 Mobile Home Parks - Codifies an Attorney General opinion clarifying that any rule established by the owner of a Manufactured Home Park regarding sub-leasing or renting a space, or unit, applies equally to owners/management and park residents. (Signed by the Governor)

AB 896 Idle Wells - Provides the state (CalGEM) additional authority to remediate idle gas and oil wells, while providing options for companies that choose to work with the State to resolve their unpaid fees. (Signed by the Governor)

AB 941 Farmworker Resource Centers - Establishes a grant program to fund the creation of farmworker resource centers at the county level. (Signed by the Governor)

AB 1323 (Joint author with Asm. Chiu) - This bill requires the Department of Technology (CDT) to identify, assess and prioritize legacy information technology (IT) system modernization efforts across state government.