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2023 Legislation

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AB 411 – Trails: Will improve trails by establishing funding for recreational trail improvements grants.

AB 417 – Student School Boards: Will provide students that attend a high school under County jurisdiction the ability to serve as a student representative on a County Board of Education, the same as any other student attending a school district within the county.

AB 429 –Dry Wells trigger: If 1% of domestic wells in a critically overdrafted basin go dry, then this bill would require counties, or local groundwater permitting agencies, to determine whether a new well is likely to cause interference to nearby wells, before permitting new wells.

AB 430 – Affordable Housing: Will change Revenue and Tax Code to allow subsidiaries of Community Land Trusts to make use of the Welfare Exemption.

AB 551 – Presumptive Transfer Deadline: Will extend the deadline for implementation of AB 1051 (2021), to align it with reports required under CalAim.

AB 552 – Farmer Tool Sharing: Will create a grant program for farmers to create voluntary tool sharing programs – allowing small farmers to pool resources and share farming equipment amongst each other.

AB 560 – Water Adjudication: Will require judges who are making decisions in groundwater basin adjudication cases, to have their judgement determinations reviewed by the State Water Resources Control Boards and Department of Water Resources for consistency with Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

AB 580 – Multi-Benefit Land Repurposing (Solar): Will build a framework to help farmers who want to convert their fallowed agricultural land to solar fields.

AB 673 – Hydrogen Stations: Requires any funds disbursed by the CEC for hydrogen refueling stations, excluding funds from the Clean Transportation Program, to prioritize stations that serve all vehicle types.

AB 676 – Health and Safety Water Code: Updates state priorities in the water code to better reflect and enforce the Human Right to Water.

AB 809 – Fish Program: Codifies the Coastal Monitoring Program so that the annual salmon and steelhead count can receive consistent department funding.

AB 900 – Surface Water Recharge: Asks Department of Water Resources to create a report outlining best practices for aquifer recharge projects, as well as creates a grant program for recharge projects with a streamlined permitting process.

AB 1168 – Emergency Service Agreements: Will allow cities that exit a JPA to retain their right to manage emergency service and ambulance response (known as 201 rights).

AB 1550 – Green Hydrogen 2045: Requires all hydrogen used and produced in California for generation or refueling to be green by 2045.

AB 1563 – Well Permitting: Requires agencies that issue water well permits to acquire sign off from the local groundwater sustainability agency prior to issuing the permit. The bill also allows community input prior to the issuance of the well permit; ensuring community members have the opportunity to submit input concerning protection of safe drinking water. The bill is narrow in scope and applies only to basins deemed in "Critical Overdraft" by the Department of Water Resources. Exemptions for replacement wells are also included in the new bill.

AB 1743 – Ports Emissions: Will allow any Marine Terminal or Port to use Cargo Handling Equipment of any fuel source, including BARCT, LNG, hydrogen, or electric, if at purchase the Marine Terminal can demonstrate that lifetime emissions for both NOx and PM would be lower than what would be required under a Zero-Emissions regulation Implementation timeline (whether adopted or proposed at the time), and offsets could be purchased to ensure that GHGs are lower than otherwise required under a ZE regulation.