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State of California Delivers $80M to Port of Hueneme for PACED Project

For immediate release:

Asm. Bennett with officials and port representatives

[PORT HUENEME] The State of California has awarded $80 million to Port of Hueneme for their PACED (Port Action, Climate, and Economic Development) Project. The funds are for projects that generate social and economic equity while providing substantial revenue streams to help transform the Port to a zero-emission hub.

"As a result of this extraordinary funding, we will be in a better position to create more job opportunities for local residents to support vital Port operations and the deployment of clean technologies." said Jess Herrera, President of the Oxnard Harbor Commission.

"This a first for the Port of Hueneme. This is milestone funding for us," stated Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director at the July 6 press event. "This significant funding afforded to us today, continues a tradition of community enrichment, that with the vision of Richard Bard, the founder of the Port in 1937. This investment will deliver us the means to do good for all segments of the community by strengthening the supply chain and the efficient movement of goods to our citizens, creating good paying green jobs, and prospering a zero-emission economy."

"Our residents are going to get cleaner air, our workers are going to find better jobs, all of the organizations that have been fighting for better quality of life, the trades have been fighting for good, high-paying union jobs are winners with this," Assemblymember Steve Bennett. "All of the stakeholders in Ventura County are extremely grateful to the wisdom of a governor who came up with the concept of this major investment."

Assemblymember Bennett joined the Port and fellow stakeholders at a press event on July 6 celebrating this major investment.

Asm. Bennett and official holding large ceremonial check

Photos courtesy of Port of Hueneme