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Charleen Morla-Garcia Named 2024 Woman of the Year for the 38th Assembly District

Born and raised in Oxnard, the Filipina artist has generously given back to the community in which she was raised, serving as a board or advisory member of various community-based organizations including Project Understanding, The City Center, and Tender Life Maternity Home. A co-founder of the #200CoatProject and “The Cool Kids” program, Charleen cares for those in greatest need of our support—from our houseless neighbors to underserved youth to young mothers.

Deeply connected to her heritage, she volunteers with various Filipino American organizations, including the Philippine Center of Ventura County, and the Filipino Community of Ventura County, Inc. Her recent appointment as the Executive Director of the Filipino American Council of Ventura County, Inc. reflects her longstanding commitment to the community since 2002.

A talented artist both visually and musically, she serves as a pianist at Mary Star of the Sea Church in Oxnard, and is a former member of the beloved local band, Dirty Rice. In 2020, Charleen fought her battle with breast cancer and emerged victorious, adding a profound layer of resilience to her inspiring story.

Charleen is happily married to her husband Keith. Together, they are raising their son Caleb and nurturing her step-children, Hailey and Adam. Charleen Morla-Garcia stands as an inspiring figure, weaving her artistic talents, community engagement, and love for her heritage into a rich tapestry of positive impact in the lives of those she touches.

Thank you Charleen, for all that you are and do for our community!