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Supporting Small Farmers

AD 2313

California is abundant with diverse agriculture produce and many helping hands to grow it. Farmers in the state and across the country face numerous challenges, from climate change to rising operating costs.

AB 2313 (2023-24) seeks to address the major hurdles small to midscale farmers face when investing in specialized farming tools. The purchase of farm equipment is the second largest capital investment for small farmers. These purchases have an enormous impact on the economic viability of many farms. The ability to process a crop relies on a wide variety of costly equipment, most of which is only used a few days a year. Equipment sharing programs have been proven to alleviate these issues. AB 2313 will establish the Regional Farmer Equipment and Cooperative Resource Assistance Program at the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

Listen to testimonies from Gemperle Family Farms and California Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN) respectively to hear why AB 552 is necessary.