Thank You, Firefighters!

With hundreds of fires ravaging parts of California this year, now is the time to Thank a Firefighter. During wildfires, firefighters are hauling heavy gear through smoke and dust in steep and dangerous terrain. Daily, they put their lives at risk by running into buildings on fire, rescuing accident victims and saving lives and property. They are our heroes. Let's all take the time to thank a firefighter.

A firefighter was recently asked what they need while battling wildfires. He responded, they have food and shelter. They appreciate seeing thank you notes and banners posted in the communities they are working to save.

Download and print out these "Thank You Firefighters" sheets and posters that kids can color, then submit them to our office at:

Assemblywoman Christy Smith
27441 Tourney Rd., Suite #160
Santa Clarita, CA 91355